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Three well-traveled best friends, who are business partners and fashion models, travel across twelve countries and seven continents to redefine friendship-travel-goals. Even though everything they do ends with a comical disaster, they will take on each challenge with a fun-loving and positive outlook.

Road trips will be an essential element of the show followed by adventure sports, thrill-seeking journeys, and cultural adaptive experience; pranks and pushing the boundaries of their relationship will also be an integral part of each episode.

These are a group of individuals who live life to the absolute fullest. They welcome challenges in a courageously terrible way— thriving on the adrenaline that comes with living life on the edge.

This show is about Friendship, Cultural Exploration, and Adventure. Our three hosts contrasting personalities will intensify the thematic tone of each episode. As their bonds grow stronger, we will experience the world with them through various mediums of transport that will include; water road, and air.
Each destination will have its own unique story and motif. Other thematic elements will consist of – Pranks, Leisure and Lifestyle.

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3 M






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